Website FAQ's

Create Account

To create a new account with the Dayton Stealth simply click the "Sign Up" link in the top left navigation. On the following screen you will be asked to supply an email address and password. We will send you a verification email once you hit sign up. Please proceed to your email at that time and make sure to verify your account. Follow the instruction in the email to ensure proper setup.

Once you have verified your account you can then use the "Log In" button in the top left navigation. From there you will be able to complete your profile and add participants.

Please note that all parents that wish to receive team email must have an account.

Add Account or Participant

Adding a new user account (such as an additional parent or even one for the player) is easy and you can add as many accounts as you need.  It is important to remember that these instructions must be completed by a user account that already has access to the participant.

  1. Log in to your organization's website using the same email address. This must be done on the organization website, not the mobile application.
  2. Click Account in the top navigation.
  3. Click Participants in the left navigation (click the down arrow if you are accessing the website from a mobile device).
  4. Click 'View Details' on the participant in question.
  5. Once on the player profile, click +Add Account at the top.
  6. Enter the user's email address.  If the user already has an account, they will be added immediately. If the user does not have an account, then a verification email will be sent to them. They must click on the link to verify their email and then create an account by supplying their name, selecting a password and supplying a phone number. The user will be added once they have created their account.
  7. Accounts associated with the child can check to see who has been added by following steps 1 thru 4 at any time.

Need to add more than one? Refresh the page and you can add another.

How to ensure you receive emails

Please use the following steps if you are not receiving emails.

  1. Make sure your profile settings are set to receive emails from your organization.
  2. If your organization has sent an email and you haven't received it, check your SPAM folder.
  3. If the email is not in your SPAM folder, log in to the email provider's website. The spam folder often doesn’t completely sync to other apps such as Apple Mail or Android email apps.
  4. If you have recently updated your email, you MUST follow the instructions in the verification email to verify the new email. You will NOT receive any emails until it is verified.
  5. Lastly, be sure that you have and in your email contacts. Email providers generally do not send email to SPAM folders if coming from a known email contact.
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