Regular Season

We are so excited about the 2022-2023 season. Even though we completed our tryouts in April for the A Division teams (travel) and in May for our B Division teams (house), we are still accepting player registrations. Players may still register for the B Division teams. See more information below.


Age groups for players are as follows:

  • 8U (Mites) - birth years 2014 & younger
  • 10U (Squirts) - birth years 2012-2013
  • 12U (Pee Wees) - birth years 2010-2011
  • 14U (Bantams) - birth years 2008-2009
  • High School - birth years 2004-2008 (must be enrolled in high school during the season)


Practices for the A division teams will begin in September with games starting in October.

The B division teams will begin practices and games beginning in September.

The season will run through February or early March, depending on the respective team schedules.


The DHA uses 3 rinks for practices and home games: South Metro in Springboro, Kettering Ice Arena and the Springfield Chiller.


All teams 8U and older will practice twice per week. Times and rinks may vary. The DHA is currently working on the practice schedules and will release the details this summer when the schedules are finalized.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of evaluations? 

DHA organizes the evaluations to allow every player an opportunity to have their skills assessed. This allows players to be chosen for A level teams and players to be evenly placed on B level teams.  

Who should attend the evaluations?

The evaluations are for all players from 8U through High School who are considering playing for the Dayton Stealth in the coming year (2022-23).

What is the difference between A teams and B teams?

Our A level teams consist of players that are specifically selected. These players score the highest on skills evaluations. The A teams travel farther than B teams for regular season games, some of which require overnight stays. The A teams also participate in multiple tournaments during the season. The season for the A teams is longer with a higher number of games and practices. 

Our B teams consist of players that are evaluated and split into age specific teams by skill level with no cuts. Teams are set to have an equal distribution of talent. They participate in games against area teams that may take them to Cincinnati, Kentucky, Troy, Butler County, and possibly Columbus and West Virginia. While the B teams do not typically participate in mid-season tournaments, they do have an end of season tournament. House teams are able to enter in other tournaments and those are at an additional cost. These must be agreed upon by each team’s parents and coaches.  

Is equipment provided for new players?

In order to help make hockey more affordable, especially for kids just getting started, DHA offers hockey equipment on a rental basis within the program registration process. The length of the rental agreement is the same as the length of the season for which your player is registered.

The rental fee for a complete set of gear, which includes helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, pants, and shin guards, consists of a $100 deposit. When the program ends and all of the equipment is returned in good condition, you will receive $70 back.

Players need to provide their own stick, skates, mouth guard, and protective undergarments. Kettering Rec Center will occasionally offer rental skates to use until players get their own skates.

When and where are the evaluations?

The 2022-23 season evaluations will take place on April 23 & 24 for A division teams and May 14 at the NTPRD Chiller located at 301 W. Main St in Springfield.

Is there a charge for the evaluation?

There is a one-time $50 fee for the evaluation.

What happens if our player(s) can’t make the evaluation?

If your player(s) can’t make the evaluation, please contact DHA by emailing to make other arrangements.

May I try out for A division and what happens if I don't make a team?

All players are required to participate in evaluations. Player may select that they are interested in either division. For players that are not invited to join a travel team, they asked to participate in the B division evaluations at no extra charge (There is no need to re-register). B division teams are selected based on a parity model which allows us to evenly distribute talent of all levels to the teams. The evaluations can also help players get feedback on what skills could be improved upon in the future. 

How are the players evaluated?

Players are evaluated on the following characteristics 

  • Agility/Form
  • Speed/Quickness
  • Puck Movement
  • Shooting
  • Competitiveness
  • Battle

New in the 2022-23 season, goalies will be provided with more specific evaluations. More information will be available soon.

When will we get our player(s) team invitation?

A division players will get their team invitations within 2-3 days after tryouts. B division players will receive invitations within 4 days after evaluations.

How quickly do we need to accept the invitation? 

Players must accept their invitation within 24 hours of receipt. More instructions are included in their invitation. 

How do we pay the season fees when accepting an invitation? 

DHA will only be accepting online registration fee payments. You will have the option of paying the season registration in full or paying in six monthly payments when you register and accept your roster position for the season. For those that choose to pay in installments, the first payment will be debited from your account when you register your player. The following five payments will be debited from your account on June 1, July 1, August 1, September 1, and October 1. Any player whose account is not paid in full by December 15 will be subject to suspension from all DHA activities until their account is brought into good standing.

If invited to join an A team, what are the uniform requirements?

All players are required to purchase a uniform and players 12U and above will be required to purchase a uniform consisting of a stitched jersey, socks, and pant shells. Players at the 10U level are required to purchase a stitched jersey and socks. The fee for this uniform is included in your registration fee. 

If invited to join a B team, what are the uniform requirements?

All players will be required to purchase a uniform consisting of a sublimated jersey, and socks. The fee for this uniform is included in your registration fee.

After accepting, how soon will we hear from our coach and when will practices start?

Practices for A teams typically being in September and practices for the B teams typically begin in October. 

Starter Stealth Hockey

There are no evaluations for Starter Stealth. Players of all ages are invited to come and learn the game. 

Is my child ready to move up from Starter Stealth?

When deciding if a player is ready to move up from Starter Stealth to the next level, it is most important to consider skating ability. It is crucial that a player is proficient at skating forwards and backwards. If you think that your player is ready to move up but needs a little more confidence on skates, ice skating lessons are a great way to turn a good player into a great one. All ice rinks in the area offer skating lessons for hockey players. If your player is skating well forwards and backwards you can reach out to DHA about moving your child up at any time. 

Waivers and Releases

Below are links related to the DHA waivers and releases required for all players. You will be asked to confirm whether or not you've reviewed these waivers/releases and discussed them with your player as appropriate.

USAH Code of Conduct


B Division (House League) Registration is still open.

Players interested in our B Division teams may still register. Please contact us at if you have any questions or need assistance with your registration. 

8U Players:
Players that have not been rostered yet will be evaluated during the first practice of the season and then team assignments will be made. 

Birth Years 2005 and Older:
All players born in 2005 or earlier are required to complete the USAH Safe Sport training prior to the start of dry land training and/or any other team events for the regular season. Visit their website for more information. The certification is valid for 12 months from the completion date, so please plan accordingly for the season.

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