Board Nominations

Dayton Hockey Association (DHA) is a volunteer-run organization! We have an Executive Board consisting of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Risk Manager. The Executive Board members serve 2-year terms and are not bound by term limits. The terms are alternating (President/Treasurer/Risk Manager on odd years) and Vice President/Secretary on even years) terms. Each year, elections include a nomination period and then the official election.

In accordance with Article V of the DHA By-laws, any person may nominate themselves for a position and/or nominate others for the open positions. All nominated persons will be contacted to ensure their willingness to serve in the nominated role if elected, and to collect resumes from the nominees. A brief bio for each nominee is included in the ballot. Nominations will be accepted until February 25th, 2024.

For more information or questions, contact the Nomination Committee Chairs, Amanda Spychalski and Matt Sichman

Special Note:

To participate in the nominations, please add yourself to your account as a "participant" and then select the "register" button on the right to complete the nomination process. Use N/A for any positions that you do not wish to nominate someone.

Amanda Carson-Spychalski

Nomination Chair

Matt Sichman

Nomination Chair

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