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DHA Health and Safety 2020-2021 Requirements

By Dayton Hockey Association, 09/15/20, 2:00PM EDT


Dayton Hockey Association (DHA) is pleased to begin the 2020-2021 hockey season.  Our goal is to enable all players to participate in the sport they love even if the season is different than any previous year.  DHA is providing these safety regulations in accordance with the Ohio Department of Health guidelines.  In the event that the guidelines are changed the DHA will modify this document and inform participants of the changes.  In order to have a hockey season it is necessary to follow all mandatory safety requirements, refusal to do so may result in a request to leave a DHA affiliated event.  All regulations below are for individual behavior.  Facility regulations are not monitored by DHA as all facilities are rented spaces and not the property of DHA.  Everyone is required to comply with state, local, and facility rules and directives.

COVID Exposure Regulations

  • If any player, parent, coach or volunteer tests positive the responsible coach must notify the DHA Compliance Officer immediately.  

  • If a player is getting tested for COVID because they have been exposed to someone with the virus or they are showing symptoms they must alert their head coach and not return to any hockey events until the test results have been received.  

  • If an individual tests positive for COVID, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic, they may not return to any hockey activity until a documented medical exam is performed clearing the individual prior to the individual returning to participation in practice or games.  

  • Coaches must immediately isolate and seek medical care for any individual who becomes ill or develops symptoms and then report the incident to the DHA board.

  • DHA must contact the local health department to identify ANY individuals who were potentially exposed to help facilitate contract tracing.  

  • DHA MUST notify all athletes, and parents/guardians associated with the affected team that an individual who has been in close contact with their child had a positive test. 

  • If the affected individual participated in competitive play, DHA is responsible for notifying any opponents played between the date of the positive test and 2 days prior to the onset of symptoms. If teams reside in different counties the health departments in each county should be notified to help facility effective contact tracing.   

  • Players, coaches, officials or other individuals who had close contact or direct physical contact with the infected person must quarantine for 14 days.

  • When a player, coach, official or other individual associated with a team tests positive for COVID, team members who are NOT close contacts do not require quarantine but should conduct daily symptoms assessments and stay home if sick as well has perform an in-person temperature check before coming into contact with anyone in the organization for 14 days as a precaution. 

Mandatory Regulations

  • Players, coaches, athletic trainers, and officials must conduct daily symptom assessments before each practice, game or official DHA event.  Anyone experiencing symptoms must stay home. (Exhibit A)

  • Water bottles CANNOT be shared between players.  All water bottles must be clearly marked to ensure no one uses the wrong bottle. 

  • Every player must provide their own equipment.  No one is permitted to use another’s equipment.

  • All players, coaches and volunteers MUST wear a mask that covers the nose, mouth and chin when not on the ice or bench.  

  • Masks must be worn in the locker room. 

  • Masks must be washed after one day of use.  Players may not keep the same mask in their hockey bag and wear it for all hockey events without washing.

  • Individuals should sanitize their hands before removing their masks.

  • Never sneeze or cough into your hands or in direction of another person, direct all coughs or sneezes into your elbow or sleeve.  

  • When a team is in the locker room a safe-sport/background checked volunteer must remain in the locker room at all times to ensure that players are wearing masks, distancing as much as possible and not touching other players or their equipment.

  • Players and coaches may not congregate before or after practices.  Players and coaches should arrive in time to get on the ice and depart as soon as their ice time is complete.  

  • Parent volunteers working the scoreboard, or penalty box must wear masks.

  • Teams cannot share food.  In the event that food is distributed it must be prepackaged and distributed by an adult wearing protective gloves and face coverings. 

  • Any team members travelling together in any vehicle MUST wear a mask for the duration of the trip.

  • Players should be set distances of 6 feet apart in locker rooms and on benches as much as physically possible. 

  • Players, coaches, and officials are not to physically contact each other during, before or after practice or pregame, postgame or during competitive play.  (i.e. huddles, high fives, congregating, etc.)

  • All Coaches must participate in COVID-19 education as provided by the Ohio Department of Health. All Families will also be provided the Ohio Department of Health Education through a communication from the DHA organization.

DHA Spectator Regulations

  • All spectators MUST wear masks at all times.

  • Anyone that is experiencing symptoms, has been in contact with a COVID positive individual, or is awaiting results of a COVID test may not attend any hockey events.

  • Family members must sit together and distance themselves 6 feet from other families/groups.  

  • Spectators may not congregate before or after hockey events.

  • Spectators must conduct daily symptom assessments prior to attending any DHA event. (Exhibit A)

  • Spectator regulations will vary based upon each facility.  Coaches will inform their teams about the rules for each location prior to games.

  • Due to the limitations of the rinks we are recommending that only one spectator accompany each player for games and practices.  DHA does not have any influence on facility regulations and we cannot request large groups be accommodated

DHA Recommendations

  • DHA strongly encourages coaches to wear masks when coaching from the bench. 

  • Coaches should avoid standard whistles or create 6 feet of distance before removing a mask and blowing into a whistle.

  • Coaches/volunteers are encouraged to wear masks on the ice unless performing strenuous activity.

  • If a coach feels it necessary, they should disinfect benches, boxes and locker room before allowing a team to use the facility.

  • Players are encouraged to come dressed for practices and games when possible.  

  • Coaches are encouraged to keep an attendance log for contact tracing.  If a coach chooses not to keep attendance and there is an exposure within the team, the local health department may require the entire team, including coaches, to self-quarantine for 14 days following exposure. 

  • To avoid prolonged exposure, limit group discussions to under 10 min if players and coaches cannot be socially distanced.

  • Everyone should have extra masks in case a mask becomes saturated, is dropped or accidentally touched by another individual.

  • Encourage families to avoid carpools when possible and only ride with others from their own household. 

  • If small group drills are possible, it is recommended to keep players in those groups for every practice to minimize exposure. 

Exhibit A

Covid-19 Health Check Questions

  1. Have you had a temperature above 100.4 °F in the past 24 hours?

  2. Is your temperature currently above 100.4 °F?

  3. To the best of your knowledge have you been in close proximity to any individual who tested positive for COVID-19?

  4. Are you experiencing any new or unexplained congestion or runny nose?

  5. Are you experiencing any new chills or unexplainable pains or aches?

  6. Are you experiencing any new loss of taste or smell, or a sore throat?

  7. Are you experiencing any new nausea, vomiting or diarrhea? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions you may not participate in any activity today and you should seek medical advice and self-isolate.